Call it bitter sweet

Such is it bitter sweet,a high school football star who was once of the most highly sought after athletes in the nation has had a rape charge against him dropped after the woman confessed in facebook  that the rape never occurred.Brian Banks,who is now 26-years old,spent six years in prison and broke down crying  when the prosecutor moved to have the case dismissed. 


Triplet arrive

The dream of every couples is to have beautiful children but as heard the good news of beyouce and Jay-Z welcoming their twins the shocking news arrived as pharell williams and his lovely wife welcome their beautiful triplet into this crazy world.

woman caught Red handed while trying to smuggle Her lover out of Jail on SuitCase

Both the man and his girlfriend have been arrested

A desperate woman in Venezuela tried to smuggle Her boyfriend out of prison by stuffing in pink suitcase. 

The culprit 25-year-old Antonieta Robles saouda went to visit the Nose Antonio Anzoategui prison where Ibrain Jose Vargas Garcia was serving time for a car robbery.  

However their cunning plan for spoilt by the observant poison guards

The prison  guards noted that Anotieta was having considerably more trouble dragging the link suitcase out of the prison  than she did rolling it inwhen they opened  the suitcase they found the feral position.the guards where a bit shocked by the fact that Vargas managed to stuff himself into the right confines of the pink suitcase,to make things tougher Anotonieta stuffed the suitcase with clothes to mask Vargas.