We all wish to do amazing things in life and these men have shown great talent , they have got to the guiness book of record with a great achievement. 


Girls blaze

Young girls blaze weed like no man’s business.it has become a habbit of young girls to blaze as if they are taking in drinks,as we always hear they say what men can do women can  Do better.

Yahya jammeh agreed to step down;but he also made some ridiculous demands

Ghambia unpredictable former president Tanya jammeh agreed to step down after a series of meditation effort  from some African leaders.

But just before agreeing to care power to Ghambia’s new president, Adama Narrow,Jammeh made some demands of thecountry and other international bodies.

But the former dictator of the GambiaGambiaade a u-turn having ealier agreed to steping down,when rumours from the president-elect,Adama Barrow’s camp suggested that Hannah might be prosecuted for various crime.

Gambia’s  are expecting to go back to the polls by late 2019,the coalition that is backing Mr.Barrow agreed he will serve for only three  years and organize fresh elections which they can all contact as individual parties. 


1.become an investment wizard early 

  • Invest early and often in the single best day to get rich.And the sooner you start,the easier without working nearlyas hard.that’s not a guarantee based on 100+ years of evidence in the stock market.
  • But don’t just take my word for it.let’s walk through the numbers with real example.Day you’re 25 years old,and you invest $500/month in a low-cost, diversified index fund.if you do that until you’re 60.How much  money do you think you did have. $1,116,612.89. That’s right.you did be a millionaire after only investing a few thousand dollars per year. Have a look.Note :this table assumes an 8% annualized return,thelong-term average for the S&P 500. Like a lot of money,I recommend challenge. It’s an easy way to free up cash to put towards your investment. ) 
  • The key to getting rich through investing                                              Notice I didn’t say you should but Apple or Netflix’s stock.I said you should invest in a low-cost,diversified index fund over time.Because the real key to getting rich with investing in consistency over long-term horizons.Not chasing got stocks or timing the market.Is long-term investing boring?yes. It gives you a high chance of becoming rich over 20-30.Because the real key to getting rich with investing  is consistency over long-term horizons.Not chasing hot stocks or timing the market. Is long-term investing a little boring? Yes. But it give you a high chance of becoming rich over 20-30 years? Also yes.

    2.Get paid what you deserve wwhat’s  the easiest  and fastest day to have more  money? Increase your salary! The fact,a one time salary increase of $5,000-properly invested-adds up to over $1,300,000 by the time you retire. nfact a one-time salary  invested-adds up to over $1,300,00 by the time you retire


    1-time salary increase of $5000 investment and compounded after 20 years:1,398,905.20!

    3.Own your own businesses. This is my personal favourite way to get rich.with your job and investments.there’s a limit to how much you will make it you work twice as had at your job you obviously won’t be paid double down on your investments.there’s  no gaurantee  that the stock market will always go up on the flipside.there’s  Is no limit to how much you can earn with a business .


    The fastest day to get started in business in to turn the skills you have into a steady source of side income.

    xChinchinga (kebab)

    Chinchinga is a popular street good.it is very similar to Nigerian suya. 

    -1 1b beef, lamb or liver

    -1 cup roasted corn flour

    -1 table spoon vinegar 

    -0.5 tea spoon salt


    1. 1.Cut them near into bite-sized pieces and marinate in a mixture of oil,vinegar and salt for one hour.
    2. Place the meat on the skewers alternating with pieces of tomato.
    3. Sprinkle the kebabs with the roasted corn flour. Roast over  coalpot or under grill until cooked.serve with  rice and pepper sauce.


    Descending to the earth coming from GOD with an amazing colour with sensational touch,natural colour  is one of the best gift we are having but most ladies and men have made it their habit to destroy nature  all they do is bleaching  and leading their health critical but they don’t seem to care  all they realize is  about the additional beauty to their own without them thinking of the consequences ,the effect it will have on their life they could bleach to the extent their veins reflect with Greenwish colour.it feels so good and safer to have a natural and beautiful colour.